Post-injection subcutaneous atrophy.

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Cambiaghi S., Maffeis L., Boneschi V., Fagnani A.M. 2012. Post-injection subcutaneous atrophy. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 22 (2):127-29.


Cambiaghi S. Maffeis L. Boneschi V. Fagnani A.M.
pp. 127-129


No aggressive surgical therapy is usually needed in young patients with post-injection
lipoatrophy, due to its benign, self-healing clinical course. Here is reported the case of a
5-year-old girl who developed a severe subcutaneous atrophy with centrifugal extension in
the gluteal region at the site of intramuscular injection of lincomycin plus dexamethasone.
The lesions regressed almost completely 6 months later.


Steroid, Lipodystrophy, Lipoatrophy