Infantile acropustulosis. A late diagnosis.

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Santos G., João A., Paiva Lopes M.J. 2012. Infantile acropustulosis. A late diagnosis. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 22 (3):201 -3.


Santos G. João A. Paiva Lopes M.J.
pp. 201 - 203


Infantile acropustulosis is a recurrent, pruritic, vesicopustular eruption that is frequently misdiagnosed as recurrent scabies. We present an 8-month-old black boy with very pruritic papules on his wrists and ankles, treated repeatedly with antiscabietic agents. A punch biopsy was done and revealed findings consistent with acropustulosis. The cutaneous lesions improved with topical corticosteroids and resolved after 2 years of this intermittent treatment.


Acropustulosis, Scabies, Vesicopustular eruption