Pediatric skin disorders in a Portuguese hospital.

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Leite I., Moreira A., Guedes R, Baptista A., Osório Ferreira E. 2010. Pediatric skin disorders in a Portuguese hospital. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 20 (3):191-94.


Leite I. Moreira A. Guedes R Baptista A. Osório Ferreira E.
pp. 191-94


We performed a survey of the new referrals to the Pediatric Dermatology consultation in a Portuguese hospital over ten years. A total of 3325 patients were studied. Infectious diseases were the most common, with 738 children (22.2%) followed by nevi with 678 (20.4%), eczemas with 535 (16.1%), adnexal diseases with 353 (10.6%) and pigmentary disorders with 183 (5.5%). Epidemiologic studies are important since they may improve preventive medicine in order to decrease cutaneous diseases in children.


Cutaneous diseases, Epidemiology