Hydroa vacciniforme. Case report.

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Banerjee J., Chow N., Ghorbanian S., Rahman M.M. 2009. Hydroa vacciniforme. Case report. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 19 (4):199-202.


Banerjee J. Chow N. Ghorbanian S. Rahman M.M.
pp. 199-202


Vesicular rash in children is commonly caused by various viruses or bacterial infections. It could be a result of some form of photodermatosis or autoimmune diseases as well. Hydroa vacciniforme (HV) is a rare form of idiopathic photodermatosis with an onset in childhood, characterized by acute vesiculation, crusting and scarring following exposure to sun.


Hydroa vacciniforme, Vesicular rash of the face