Ectopic cilia.

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Garofalo L., Bonifazi E. 2008. Ectopic cilia. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 18 (3): 184.


Garofalo L. Bonifazi E.
pp. 184


Eyelashes are particular hair follicles associated both with sebaceous and apocrine sweat glands. About 15 cases of ectopic cilia are reported in literature. Normal eyelashes are located at the lid margins attached to the tarsus with no underlying mesodermal tissue. The ectopic cilia are usually attached to the anterior surface of the tarsal plate and are most frequently located on the lateral part of the upper eyelid. The ectopic cilia are present since birth. The family history is always negative, suggesting that we are facing a development anomaly arising during the fetal life. Interestingly enough, the ectopic cilia are not exclusive of man, on the contrary occurring more frequently in some breeds of dog.


Ectopic cilia