Epidermal nevus.

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Bonifazi E., Garofalo L. 2008. Epidermal nevus. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 18 (3): 180.


Bonifazi E. Garofalo L.
pp. 180


Epidermal nevus (EN) is a clonal proliferation of mutated keratinocytes. EN is usually present at birth, but the smaller lesions can be absent or barely visible at birth. Initially, EN can be flat or slightly raised and become more evident later on. EN is usually brown in color. When EN is roundish, it should be differentiated from a warty melanocytic nevus. The latter is usually blackish, roundish, except for the plamar and plantar region, where it is often linear, and may show at its periphery a junctional border. On dermoscopic examination, a melanocytic pattern may be visible at least at its periphery. Ruled out the suspicion of melanocytic nevus, epidermal nevus can be removed with curettage, with more satisfying results although often non definitive.


epidermal nevus