Infantile Frey’s syndrome.

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Belhadjali H., Youssef M., Mohamed M., Hamrouni I., Zili J. 2008. Infantile Frey’s syndrome. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 18 (3):174-75.


Belhadjali H. Youssef M. Mohamed M. Hamrouni I. Zili J.
pp. 174-175


A 3-year-old girl presented short duration, recurrent erythematous lesions of the right cheek. She was given an elimination diet. However, further history taking unveiled that she was delivered with forceps. This fact, together with the unilaterality of the lesion and inconsistency of the allergological history, led to diagnose Frey's syndrome.


Frey’s syndrome, Forceps