Bullous papular urticaria secondary to insect sting.

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Bonifazi E., Greco I. 2006. Bullous papular urticaria secondary to insect sting. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 16 (3): 168.


Bonifazi E. Greco I.
pp. 168


Case 1. A 6-year-old boy presented episodes of blisters on the lower limbs, started 3 years before and recurring in late spring and summer. Hospitalized many times, he carried out various examinations ruling out autimmune blistering disorders. On physical examination, there were 3 tense blisters, about 2 cm in diameter on the left leg and 2 hypomelanic residua with clear-cut borders on the right leg. The final diagnosis was bullous papular urticaria. Case 2. 5-year-old boy with blistering episodes only in late spring. On the right leg there were a 2 cm in size blister, an erosion and 2 hypomelanic residua, on the left leg there was a 2 cm in size erythematous patch centered by a 2 mm in size vesicle. History: initially itchy erythema; on it then appears a central vesicle, which rapidly enlarges, till turning into a blister covering the entire erythematous area. Final diagnosis: bullous papular urticaria.


Bullous papular urticaria