Ecthyma post-varicella.

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Migliaccio P., Ruggieri S., Galli L., Casiero A. 2004. Ecthyma post-varicella. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 14 (4):201-4.


Migliaccio P. Ruggieri S. Galli L. Casiero A.
pp. 201-204


Ecthyma is a pyoderma that extends throughout the epidermis up to the upper dermis. It is more frequent in subjects with insufficient personal hygiene and immunodeficiency. Here is reported a 18-month-old immunocompetent little girl with ecthyma superimposed to previous varicella lesions. The skin lesions were roundish, 2-3 centimeters in diameter and covered by a thick blackish crust. Removal of the latter showed a deep ulcer. The child was treated with systemic antibiotic therapy, local detersion with gauzes soaked in 5% sodium hypochlorite and povidone iodine. Then a cream composed of collagenase, clostridiopeptidase A and protease was locally applied. We underline this uncommon complication of varicella in an immunocompetent child, probably due to lack of hygiene.


Ecthyma, Pyoderma, Varicella