Position Paper on the use of sunscreens.



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Moschetti A., Rana P., Pucci Romano M.C., Bonifazi E., Colao A., Bernasconi S., Manetti S., Uga E., Belloni Fortina A., Mordini B. 2024. Position Paper on the use of sunscreens. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 34 (1):54-7. 10.26326/2281-9649.34.1.2578.


Moschetti A. Rana P. Pucci Romano M.C. Bonifazi E. Colao A. Bernasconi S. Manetti S. Uga E. Belloni Fortina A. Mordini B.
pp. 54-7


This document is a position taken by expert operators on the need for correct use of sunscreens. These filters, which had been created to counteract sunburn caused by irrational exposure to the sun, were later attributed purposes, such as prevention of skin tumors, which they have not really achieved, given the continuous increase in such tumors despite their presence on the market and their widespread use. We believe that this purpose has not been achieved due to the incorrect use of these filters and for this reason we propose a meeting and discussion between all the scientific personalities interested in the topic, in order to make them use consciously thanks also to the intervention of professional figures that guide their prescription and improve their composition, eliminating substances potentially harmful to the human body, especially in pediatric age, such as endocrine disruptors.


sun, child, sunscreens, endocrine disruptors