Erythema multiforme in time of COVID-19.


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Mazzotta F., Troccoli T. 2020. Erythema multiforme in time of COVID-19. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 30 (2):88-89. 10.26326/2281-9649.30.2.2106.


Mazzotta F. Troccoli T.
pp. 88-89


Erythema multiforme is a skin reaction to numerous factors, the best known of which is Herpes simplex virus. The child of the current report in full SARS-CoV-2 pandemic presented after flu symptoms characteristic vasculitic lesions of the feet and after a few days erythema multiforme. The authors of the current report suggest a probable relationship of these symptoms with COVID-19.


COVID-19, Vasculitis of the feet, Erythema multiforme