Melanocytic nevi. II. Acquired nevus cell nevi.

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Bonifazi E., Ferrante M.R., Bellomo G., Chieco P. 2002. Melanocytic nevi. II. Acquired nevus cell nevi. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 12 (2): T561-T576.


Bonifazi E. Ferrante M.R. Bellomo G. Chieco P.
pp. T561-T576


Melanocytic nevi are due to a benign, thus self-limiting, proliferation of melanocytes. The proliferation can give raise to a flat (Fig. 1091) or raised lesion. The pathological findings of the former consist of groups or nests of melanocytes level with the dermal-epidermal junction (Fig. 1092). This is why it is named junctional nevus. On the other hand, intradermal nevus is clinically raised and characterized, from a pathological point of view, by the presence in the dermis of melanocytes and nevus cells (Fig. 1094).
However, intradermal nevus is often preceded by a junctional nevus, as supported by a junctional halo at its periphery in many cases (...).


Melanocytic nevi, Acquired nevus cell nevi