Hair and scalp disorders.

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Bonifazi E., d’Ovidio R. 2002. Hair and scalp disorders. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 12 (4): T593-T608.


Bonifazi E. d'Ovidio R.
pp. T593-T608


The serial Book of Pediatric Dermatology is finished. Now we review Pediatric Dermatology from another side. The latter will be more practical for those physicians, who are not yet skilled in pediatric dermatology. In the previous book the thread consisted of the primary skin lesions. Now the thread will be the site of the lesions, even with different references according to the age. The new handling is aimed at the differential diagnosis of dermatological disorders. Regarding the other topics, from etiology to treatment, we will refer to the previous book, only talking about what is new and about peculiar problems of the involved site. (...)


Hair disorders, Scalp disorders